BLC Professional & Entrepreneurial Women event, June 2018;

With the summer approaching, the British Ladies Club held its final Professional & Entrepreneurial Women (P&EW) event until September, at Le Sud’s terrace on Tuesday 19 June 2018.
The 60-plus guests of the evening were treated to a panel composed of Gaelle Haag, Founder of StarTalers, Women’s Best Financial Friend; Vania Henry, Advisor to the CEO - Strategy, Marketing & Communications at SEQVOIA and Legitech, and Una Clifford-Bahçecik, Senior Strategy Advisor at the European Investment Bank and the co-founder of ConnectedWomen, the EIB’s women’s network.
The open panel discussions were truly inspirational from these three astonishing women. One of the most used words was ‘decision’, which highlights how these ladies have reached the point where they are. All three decided to find solutions to the problems they saw in industry, companies or society and brought these solutions forward to the people "at the top". "Be the change you want to see in the world" has never rang so true.
Another theme, which was also strong in previous P&EW events, was the need to include men in the discussion as well, not only in the work place but also by choosing the right partner in life. A supportive and understanding male colleague and partner/husband can go a long way to balance out current inequalities. It should be a conversation where everyone listens and contributes, not a fight.
With such a positive energy at the terrace at Le Sud, Vania Henry said “I do hope that we will have other opportunities to connect and inspire each other”.  The British Ladies Club is doing its part to offer more and more of these opportunities.
Tina Radford, Events representative for the BLC, summarised the evening perfectly by stating “The energy and buzz throughout the event last night was sensational, the panellists inspired every single one of us.”