A yoga fundraiser for victims of the recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey is taking place on Saturday 4 March 2023 at Clare Marie Pilates in Hesperange (10 Rue d'Itzig).

Four one-hour sessions are on the agenda (Zoom link also available on request): a Mini Me Yoga family class by Clair-Louise at 13:00; gentle yoga with Lynn at 14:15; a vinyasa class with Clair-Louise at 15:30; a singing circle session with Virgine at 17:00.

The goal is to raise €1,000 for Syrian humanitarian organisation The White Helmets, whose volunteers are on the ground in Syria, supporting earthquake survivors. To make a donation, visit https://gofund.me/d44d549b.

To book the Mini Me Yoga family class, visit https://momence.com/.../Yoga-Fundraiser---Mini.../85209396.

To book the gentle yoga class, visit https://momence.com/.../Yoga-Fundraiser---Gentle.../85209397.

To book the vinyasa class, visit https://momence.com/.../Yoga-Fundraiser.../85209398.

To book the singing circle class, visit https://momence.com/.../Yoga-Fundraiser.../85209576.