Credit: PM-International

PM-International, a Schengen-based dietary supplement and cosmetics manufacturer, has announced that it is providing an emergency aid fund of €1 million for refugees and other people affected by the war in Ukraine.

"Now is not the time to talk, but to act. Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine", said Rolf Sorg, PM-International CEO and Founder.

Vicki Sorg, charity ambassador of the family business, has been working with her team for weeks to procure and distribute relief supplies and support refugees. "We immediately sent the first deliveries of medicines, hygiene articles and foodon their way", she explained. "We want to help quickly and in solidarity as well as support the people from Ukraine in the long term".

Among other things, the company has delivered over 75 pallets of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and the surrounding border regions. In addition, the PM-International team brought more than 50 refugees, including many children, safely to Germany so far and supported them upon their arrival. Further projects are in the pipeline.

PM-International also recently supported the children's aid organisation World Vision in setting up fifteen child-friendly spaces in the Ukrainian-Romanian border area. Here, children refugees can find a safe place to rest, process their negative experiences and develop a sense of normality again through playing and educational offers.

PM-International's customers and partners have supported the company's emergency relief efforts with additional donations of €77,000 to date. In addition, the company has released another €1 million for a campaign with its partners, which is aimed at donating an additional one million meals in the form of energy bars.