Credit: clc

The Luxembourg Trade Confederation (Confédération luxembourgeoise du commerce - clc) has announced that its member companies collected a total of 38 tonnes of metal bottle caps to be recycled as part of its "Action Capsule" charitable campaign.

In March 2016, the clc, together with Luxembourg beverage distributors, decided to launch a campaign to collect metal bottle caps. Each recycled cap is minted and raises money to support the Association Luxembourgeoise des Groupes Sportifs Oncologiques (ALGSO), a Luxembourgish association working in the field of health. Since its launch, the Action Capsule has collected around 38 tonnes of metal bottle caps and thus supported ALGSO with the money raised.

The clc has attributed the success of this action to its various sponsors, namely the Établissements Liéabert, Valorlux and the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development.

In 2021, the clc has decided to renew this action for the sixth consecutive year, with the objective of collecting over nine tonnes of metal bottle caps throughout the year (i.e. two tonnes more than the previous year). All companies are welcome to join this initiative.

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