Organic cereals for artisan breads;

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the “Zesumme fir eis Bio Baueren” label, an initiative between Cactus and its partners BIOG and Pains & Tradition, the three partners handed over a cheque worth €15,000 to the Institut fir biologesch Landwirtschaft an Agrarkultur Luxemburg (IBLA).

The label refers to the local sector for the organic cultivation of cereals, their flour grinding and their transformation into slow-baked breads.

In May 2019, Cactus, BIOG and Pains & Tradition launched their new initiative in favour of organic farming in Luxembourg and in the border regions.

Just one year after the launch of this range of five artisan breads, produced according to the principles of slow-baking in the workshops of Pains & Tradition in Hautcharage, Cactus has made a positive assessment regarding the sales of these organic breads and regards the support that this sector was able to provide its member farmers. No less than 286,914 kg of organic cereals, mostly from Luxembourg farms, were processed to offer the consumer real, authentic, local and responsible bread.
A real opportunity therefore for these twenty-four farmers in the region who work according to controlled organic guidelines in order to conserve natural resources on the one hand, and meet people's needs for unprocessed food on the other. By creating new outlets, allowing organic farmers to sell their harvest, Cactus aims to promote organic farming in Luxembourg and encourage more farmers to make the transition to organic.

Cactus and its partners go further in their approach by supporting, by financial contribution, a sustainable project which offers new perspectives to partner farmers. Thus, a cheque worth €15,000 was presented to the IBLA for the realisation of the "Zesumme fuersche fir eng nohaltesch Bio-Liewensmëttelproduktioun" project.

Stéphanie Zimmer, director of the IBLA, explained "The project aims to carry out sustainability analyses of organic farms that are members of the sector using the SMART tool - Sustainability Monitoring and Assessment RouTine. These analyses determine how well the farms are meeting the sustainability goals of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). In this context, the term sustainability not only designates a production method in harmony with nature, but it also refers to the long-term economic sustainability of farms as well as their socially responsible management. Thanks to the project, we are helping organic farmers to position themselves optimally for the future in order to sustain their business."