(L-R) Alan Cini, CEO of Broadwing Recruitment; Fredrik Nordén, Globalisation Manager at Jobmatch Sweden; Credit: Jobmatch Sweden

Jobmatch Sweden has announced it signed a new partnership agreement with the Maltese recruitment company Broadwing Limited, a collaboration which allows Jobmatch's DNV-certified work psychological tests to now be used in Malta and Luxembourg.

JobMatch Talent (JMT) is an in-depth precision test for recruitment and development, for individual employees and managers as well as groups.

"Many of Europe's leading companies have branches in Malta and Luxembourg. Being able to offer services on-site is an asset, making Jobmatch's services unique in these countries," said Fredrik Nordén, Globalisation Manager at Jobmatch Sweden.

Broadwing, the recruitment company, offers a digital job placement service for employers, identifying qualified candidates across all their disciplines. The partnership with Jobmatch aims to strengthen Broadwing's offering to employers by providing all Jobmatch services, including the work psychological test Jobmatch Talent.

"We aim to offer solutions that provide organisations with greater insight into how employees work and collaborate in groups. The partnership with Jobmatch will help our clients better understand organisational behaviours and internal resources," said Alan Cini, CEO of Broadwing Recruitment.

"Broadwing is an exciting partner that shares our vision of high customer service and entrepreneurship. With a strong presence in Malta and Luxembourg, they are growing rapidly while maintaining high quality. Like Jobmatch, they strive for growth," added Fredrik Nordén.

In addition to growth, the companies added they hoped that the collaboration would lead to positive synergies and new market shares for Jobmatch.

Over the past year, Jobmatch Sweden has also entered business strategic partnerships in Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Mexico.