Credit: Otilia Dragan/

On Thursday 26 October 2023, the City of Luxembourg college of mayors and aldermen inaugurated the new “Design Hub”, situated on 42-44 rue de Hollerich, in the centre of the Luxembourg-Gare district.

The space which used to host bars and cafés was transformed into a new office space for artists. The doors outside the building have a new pop of colour that attracts the eye and make it clear this is now meant to be a creative space. According to the City of Luxembourg officials, this new project is meant to foster innovation and give a space to young talents starting out in the Grand Duchy’s design industry ecosystem and thereby also attract more diverse groups of people to the Gare district. This is a temporary workspace with capped rent, which the City of Luxembourg is making available for young design entrepreneurs, in order to allow them to start out and establish themselves in a durable way on the national market. The goal was to reunite multiple creative workers under the same roof in order to create synergies and lasting collaborations that will, in turn, change the cultural and economic landscape of the capital.

The two buildings reunite the following (multidiscipilinary) artists:

Atelier Ruth is a multidisciplinary design studio led by Ruth Lorang, who offers multiple services such as interior design, illustration, graphics and product design (furniture, accessories, objects and more). Navid Razvi creates audiovisual content for artists and corporate clients as an independent creative director. Kroon02 Bijoux offers various unique jewellery pieces and hair accessories. The three are located in building “A”, which also offers a multifunctional space for rent on the ground floor and a co-working space on the first floor, including a “desk” space. Design Luxembourg Sarl, a federation of design professionals, which aims to raise awareness of creative professions to public authorities and promote members, as well as offer them a platform for exchange and support, will be making use of the “desk” space. The multifunctional space located in building “A” is available for rental to external designers wishing to exhibit their work or to offer creative workshops.

Building “B”, with its large bay windows, houses Henri Schoetter, an independent graphic designer who studied in Vienna and started drawing when he was six years old and Julie Conrad, whose design studio produces furniture, objects and accessories with unique materials (such as Luxembourgish soil for 3D printing) to create multifunctional and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Monthly rents are €650 for the workshops and €250 for the “desk”.

Creative entrepreneurs working in the field of visual arts (photography, decoration, film, web design, graphics, drawing, etc.) can submit their application via the form available on the City of Luxembourg website.