L-R: Dr. Michael Polster, President of DNSV; Monique Ludovicy, Manager of Restopolis; Christian Klein, Agora school chef; Credit: MENEJ / Restopolis

Luxembourg's Ministry of Education, Children and Youth has announced that the Restopolis school and university canteen system has won the "international gold plate" (Goldener Teller) award.

The German school catering network (Deutsches Netzwerk Schulverpflegung - DNSV) recently awarded Restopolis is the Goldener Teller for its efforts over the years to promote a better, healthy and sustainable diet. The award also recognises the Food4Future concept, implemented in canteens since the start of the 2021 school year. 

DNSV President Dr. Michael Polster described the concept as “a flagship European project in which the responsibility of the State, in cooperation with collective catering companies, implements optimal school catering and shows how this can contribute significantly to a sustainable and healthy diet”. 

Through six objectives, Food4Future aims to eat, cook, buy and produce in a more sustainable way, with short circuits and producing a minimum of waste. The menus have been revised to make way for more vegan and vegetarian options and a wide range of locally produced organic foods. An important part of the Food4Future concept is dedicated to raising awareness among young people.

Particular attention is paid to the satisfaction of the guests. "We can only achieve our ambitious goals if the students and teachers support us" ,explained Monique Ludovicy, Manager of Restopolis.

Restopolis is responsible for the kitchens of restaurants and cafeterias in 87 school and university canteens throughout the Grand Duchy. On average, 15,750 meals are served daily in canteens and nearly 30,000 meals in school cafeterias.