The Grand Ducal Police have warned of fradulent phone calls, seemingly from Luxembourg numbers.

The police noted that they have been receiving reports of an increasing number of fraudulent calls in which criminals try to obtain the victims' personal data or trick the victim into calling back a premium-rate number.

The police recalled that this scam often uses caller ID spoofing, which allows false telephone numbers to be displayed. This makes the victim believe that they are receiving a call from a Luxembourg mobile number or an official authority (e.g. Europol), which is not the case.

To avoid members of the public becoming a victim of such a call, the police have issued the following advice:

- never give out personal information or data to strangers;

- be suspicious of calls that urge you to respond quickly;

- if in doubt, contact the authority or institution concerned via the usual communication channels to check whether it is a scam;

- if the unwanted call continues, contact your operator;

- check your telephone bill for irregularities.

Anyone having suffered damage as a result of such a scam is asked to contact a police station of their choice:

More information and preventive tips can be found on the police website at