Credit: MeteoLux

In the early evening of Friday 17 May 2024, the MeteoLux weather portal upgraded its flood risk alert for southern Luxembourg to "red" (indicating "significant danger").

MeteoLux had earlier issued yellow and orange alerts for rainfall and potential flooding on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May 2024.

At the time of writing, a red flood alert is in place for the south of the Grand Duchy from 17:00 on Friday until 18:00 on Saturday. MeteoLux warned that "significant" overflows were possible, "even in rarely flooded areas". These pose a risk to both people and property.

The previously announced orange alert ("danger") for heavy rain remains in place for the south, from 07:00 on Friday until 07:00 on Saturday. A yellow alert ("potential danger") remains in place for northern Luxembourg during this period.

The flood warning service has also been upgraded to "alert status", indicating the risk of major flooding.

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