Credit: Pexels

The call for projects as part of the implementation of the “Asylum, Migration and Integration” Fund (AMIF) is currently open until 20 September 2024.

Luxembourg’s Ministry of Family Affairs, Solidarity, Living Together and Reception of Refugees is launching a call for projects as part of the implementation of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) which defines the actions to be co-financed and the conditions for submitting a co-financing request.

The funding call aims to support projects focused on two objectives: the “Common European asylum system” and “Legal migration and integration”. Under the Common European asylum system objective, funding is allocated for actions such as identification and support services for vulnerable individuals (€600,000) and raising awareness among society and stakeholders on relevant policies (€900,000). For Legal migration and integration, funding is provided for promoting integration measures (€1,000,000), conducting studies and research (€200,000), and building capacity (€300,000).

The total budget for projects is €3,000,000, with eligibility spanning from 1 February 2025 to 31 January 2029, subject to bilateral agreement terms. Eligible entities, including non-profit organisations, societal impact companies and public bodies headquartered in Luxembourg are encouraged to propose projects. Ministries and public administrations at state and municipal levels can also participate.

The deadline for project funding requests is 20 September 2024. Information sessions will be held on 12 June at 14:00 and 9 July at 10:00, with RSVPs to be sent to Co-financing requests must include an application form, forecast budget and financing plan, and are to be submitted via the new AMIF platform:, accessible from June 2024. Until then, forms and document lists are available on