Hunger striker in front of Luxembourg parliament, February 2024; had become aware of an asylum-seeker from Iran who had gone on hunger strike in Luxembourg city.

He explained that he applied for asylum in Luxembourg in November 2021. He claims "My family and me have suffered irreparable damage in these 27 months. We must prevent other people from being deceived and victimised." He argued for the evaluation of the performance of the refugee reception system.

He started his hunger strike and sit-in near the Parliament of Luxembourg on 3 February 2024 and confirmed it would continue until Mayday. He added that he will "continue to invent new ways of peaceful protest in Luxembourg".

He also confirmed that "in the early days, due to performing legal duties, drying clothes, participating in other protest activities, necessary works, daily sit-ins were carried out in limited hours. Gradually, I will continue the 24-hour sit-in by reducing the volume of my work". He also asked passers-by to please refrain from leaving money next to his seat as the authorities may accuse him of begging. reached out the Ministry of Home Affairs and asked their reaction to the person in question going on hunger strike and whether they had been able to address his concerns in some way. A spokesperson responded to confirm that they are aware of the case and that they have had another conversation with the man pointing out that his case is currently pending before court. 

In communicating again with the person in question, we asked if he had heard from the authorities since and if there had  been any progress in relation to the points he raised. He replied that he is "opposed to sending me back to my country" and "I am ready to cooperate with the state of Luxembourg for remove the obstacles that are beyond their control". He asked "if the government believes to the efficiency of the refugee reception system in Luxembourg and they really believes that I am not in serious danger in my country, why they don't deport me to my country at their own risk?"

He also confirmed "After my sit-in and hunger strike (commenced), Interior Minister Léon Gloden arranged for me to speak with the minister's representative in the General Directorate of Immigration. But they did not provide any reasonable answer. Despite the deplorable situation of my wife and my two-year-old daughter, the minister did not accept to transfer them to the Luxembourg". He also argued that "there is no valid reason to keep confidential the contents of refugee files. People should be able to access these files like a library".