A1 Senningerberg Interchange for Tram works; Credit: Road and Bridge Administration

Luxembourg's Road and Bridge Administration have announced that, as part of the extension of the tram to the airport (Section E), they will carry out the next stage of the redevelopment work on the Senningerberg interchange of the A1 motorway from Monday 26 February 2024.

The insertion of the ramps of the Senningerberg interchange on the N1 route de Trèves (from Luxembourg towards Trier) will be modified from Monday 26 February 2024, in order to free up an additional work zone around the interchange.

In practice, the temporary traffic light intersection set up at the beginning of 2023 on the Route de Trier (N1) will be moved approximately 150 metres towards the terminal, with all connections retained for users of the N1 national road and the A1 motorway.

The resulting new temporary traffic pattern, known as “Phase 3”, is planned to be applied until the 2024 collective summer holiday, i.e. the end of July 2024.