Credit: Pixabay

The Directorate of Immigration of Luxembourg's Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has published figures regarding applications for international protection (asylum) and temporary protection in the Grand Duchy for the month of August 2023.

International protection

A total of 241 people applied for international protection in Luxembourg in August 2023, down from 190 in July 2023 but up from 205 in August 2022.

200 decisions on asylum applications were taken in August 2023, down from 209 the previous month, with 91 applicants (down from 105 in July) being granted refugee status in Luxembourg.

The largest number of applicants seeking asylum in Luxembourg in August 2023 came from Syria (69), followed by Eritrea (38) and Guinea (13).

So far this year, Luxembourg has received a total of 1,499 applications for international protection - up from 1,320 during the same period in 2022. Most applications came from Syrians (545; 36.4%), Eritreans (219; 14.6%) and Afghan nationals (84; 5.6%).

Temporary protection

A total of 136 people contacted the Immigration Directorate to express their interest in applying for temporary protection in August 2023, whilst 122 people actually applied for the status (up from 93 requests in July 2023).

More specifically, 107 Ukrainians and fifteen individuals from other unspecified countries applied for this status in August 2023.

So far this year (as of 31 August 2023), Ukrainian nationals have made up 91.7% of all applicants (689 out of a total of 751) for temporary protection in Luxembourg. Indian and Moroccan nationals each represented 1.1% (eight people), respectively.

A total of 120 decisions on temporary protection applications were taken in August 2023 (up from 92 in July), with 97 applicants being granted this status in Luxembourg (up from 66 in July).