The Grand Ducal Police have reported that police officers arrested five young people after catching them in the acts of assault and theft in and around Luxembourg City on Thursday evening.

On Thursday 4 August 2022, police officers from the Bonnevoie, Hesperange, Hollerich and Luxembourg departments managed to apprehend the five youths who are strongly suspected of having committed multiple criminal acts involving bodily harm and theft.

During the police investigation, two of the suspects were identified as the perpetrators of a previous assault incident in which the victim had suffered a broken arm.

The police secured some of the stolen property as part of house searches ordered by the public prosecutor's office.

Two of the suspects, who are thought to be members of a youth gang connected with gross acts of violence, were placed in the UNISEC department of the socio-pedagogical state educational institution in Dreiborn by order of the public prosecutor's office.

Investigations into other criminal offences in which the minors are suspected of being the perpetrators and in which the victims are mainly minors are ongoing.

The police have asked other possible victims to come forward if they have not yet reported the incident(s).