COVID-19 protest in Luxembourg City on 11 December 2021; Credit: Ali Sahib

In an open letter, the citizen group #NousCitoyens has denounced the organisation of demonstrations against COVID-19 measures outside private homes in Luxembourg.

#NousCitoyens argued that it was "unacceptable that in a democracy that deserves this name, demonstrations are organised in front of the private homes of political leaders, or even of other people, public or private. Not to mention hospitals".

The citizen group urged that such actions remain limited to the public sphere, leaving private homes "inviolable".

The #NousCitoyens movement emerged following the first incidences of violence and unrest during COVID-19 protests in Luxembourg-Ville in December 2021. The group confirmed that it would "not stop fighting against these demonstrations which have no place in the register of a democracy". The group also argued that the entire community, including those who are against COVID-19 measures and / or do not wish to be vaccinated against the virus, should "distance itself shamelessly from this way of doing things and openly condemn these abuses which, in no case, should be trivialised".

Consequently, #NousCitoyens has launched a public appeal to organisations, unions, political parties and others to "condemn, in the coming days, by gesture or by word, this unacceptable practice which has no place in a democracy".