Dräi Eechelen, MUDAM museums; Credit: Jazmin Campbell

Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, together with the Ministry of Internal Security, have announced that Trois Glands (Three Acorns; Dräi Eechelen) site in Kirchberg will be closed to the public from today, Monday 29 March 2021.

For the past few weeks, private parties have once again been organised on the site: during these gatherings, sanitary rules are clearly not respected and the cleanliness of the site is no longer guaranteed. The situation is similar to what happened in July last year, with up to 500 kg of waste being removed daily. Although the capacities of the bins have been more than tripled, waste is found strewn all around the site.

The Grand Ducal Police has had to intervene in to call order on a group of inebriated people in order to reduce the risk of accidents, especially given the proximity of the ramparts. For all these reasons, and also as a precautionary measure, the Minister of Mobility and Public Works has decided that the private domain of the Trois Glands site will again be fenced off and closed to the public every night from 18:00 until 06:00 the next day, from today, Monday 29 March 2021, until further notice. The park obviously remains open during the day.

The MUDAM and the Fortress Museum remain accessible to the public.

The Grand Ducal Police will carry out regular checks on the spot to ensure that order is maintained.