The Grand Ducal Police have confirm that they undertook a total of 30 controls nationwide on New Year's Eve on the basis of the current curfew that is in operation between 21:00 and 06:00 during the current restrictions related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Another control was undertaken at 17:20 in Ettelbruck where a groups of 10-15 people had congregated on Grand-Rue Böller. While a small amount of drugs was found on one person, the police issues 7 fines under the COVID-19 Act.

Between 22:00 and 06:00, the police were called out an additional 35 times due to noise disturbances reported by neighbours or, in some cases, fireworks being let off. In the majority of instances, those concerned showed their understanding and quietened down.

However, in one such incident in Bertrange, too many people were present in an apartment, whereupon the police issued fines under the COVID-19 Act.

The police were also called to help in around a dozen disputes broke out. In most cases, alcohol was involved. 

Shortly before 04:00, the police were called to a hotel in Niederanven after several hotel guests complained about noise and the smell of drugs. The police officers encountered 5 and discovered, and confiscated, drug paraphernalia and a brass knuckle-duster in their rooms. Again, the police issued fines for violating the COVID-10 regulations.