Asylum statistics; Credit: Directorate of Immigration

The number of people applying for international protection (asylum) in Luxembourg in August 2019 rose to 183, from 133 the previous month but fell from 223 in August 2018.

To date, 1,378 people have applied for asylum in Luxembourg so far this year, compared to 1,312 by August 2018 and 1,548 by August 2017.

Asia represented the largest number of asylum seekers (87), with 47 coming from Syria alone. 60 applicants came from Africa (25 from Eritrea alone), 33 from Europe (ten from Albania) and three from the Americas (two from Colombia and one from Chile). So far in 2019, most applicants (386) have come from Eritrea, followed by Syria (173) and Afghanistan (106).

In total, 178 decisions on asylum applications were taken during August 2019, with 63 gaining refugee status. To date in 2019, a total of 1,547 decisions have been taken resulting in 462 refugees being granted asylum in Luxembourg.