Credit: SRE website

The Luxembourg State Intelligence Service (SRE) today launched its new website. 

Greatly reformed since the implementation of the law of 5 July 2016, the SRE is opening today to the public through a new site aimed at offering a better understanding of the mission and challenges of the intelligence service.

"Am Dengscht vun eiser Sécherheet" ("At the service of our security"): it is with these words that the SRE introduces the statement of its mission on the home page of the newly launched site. The service intends to present its mission in a concise and clear manner: "Detecting, evaluating and preventing threats that could endanger Luxembourg and its inhabitants is at the heart of our mission. The State Intelligence Service works for the safety of Luxembourg's citizens, institutions, partners and strategic economic interests, in close cooperation with other national and international bodies for the protection of the country and public freedoms."

By explaining to the public the stakes and nature of its activities that have evolved in recent years due to technological advances and new threats to society, the SRE aims to show its function, objectives and techniques. The functioning of the SRE as defined in the law of 2016 has been established on a clearer legal basis, so as to give guarantees to citizens on the respect of the law and the rule of law. The website also contains explanations for the different levels and the nature of the regulations to which the service must comply.

The site similarly addresses the history of the SRE, the main events that have marked its existence and the various reforms undertaken since its creation in 1960 up until the recently amended law- modified in response to the malfunctioning of the service before 2013 and new threats facing the country.

The SRE website is available at