Credit: Otilia Dragan/

On the morning of Wednesday 20 March 2024, POST Luxembourg held a press preview of the exhibition of works of the late artist Armand Strainchamps, in the presence of the curator Danielle Igniti, Guy Kerger, founder and Director of Art Work Circle and the General Director of POST Luxembourg, Claude Strasser, at the HELIX headquarters in Luxembourg-Gare.

Armand Strainchamps (1955-2023) was a Luxembourgish pop artist specialised in Copy Art who was also interested in engraving, sculpture, painting and cinema. He notably created the fresco on the ceiling of the central station building in Luxembourg-Gare.

Director Claude Strasser held a short introductory speech noting that he had promised the artist, Armand Strainchamps, that he would be the first to be exposed in the new HELIX building. He reminisced on the time he met the artist in San Francisco and asked him to create a special stamp. While Strainchamps asked what Claude Strasser had in mind for a stamp, the latter would not give him any indication so that the result would be up to the artist.

Guy Kerger, Director of Art Work Circle, an online art gallery promoting Luxembourgish art, also held a brief speech in memory of Armand Strainchamps. He recalled that it took him a long time to convince the artist to join the gallery. Once he did, however, a “true friendship” started between them. He emphasised the active role Armand Strainchamps played in supporting the gallery and in encouraging Guy Kerger to organise more events. He also reminisced about the time Strainchamps insisted that Art Work Circle organise an online exhibition during the COVID-19 pandemic. He had pushed for a unique event, a live stream complete with jazz music whereby attendees had the possibility to order food as well.

Curator Danielle Igniti spoke about the many joyful moments she spent in Armand Strainchamps’ workshop, which was a “special and welcoming space” and reminisced on having grown up and discovered contemporary art and literature together. She added that this exhibition shows his last work, from 2020 which she carefully selected to respect his wish to showcase portraits under the theme of the four seasons. Danielle Igniti described the artist as a “dreamer, honest and benevolent” despite his sometimes slightly “grumpy and sarcastic” façade.

The opening of the exhibition will take place, by personal invitation, on Thursday 21 March in the presence of Her Royal Highness the Hereditary Grand Duchess, Claude Wiseler, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Lydie Polfer, Mayor of the City of Luxembourg as well as other guests from the institutional and cultural world.

The “IV SEASONS” exhibition will be free of charge and open to the public from Friday 22 March to 25 April 2024, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00 (closed on Sunday). Prior reservation is necessary for group visits (from six people) via email at

This exhibition entitled “IV SEASONS” and the selection of works were specially designed in collaboration with the artist to take place at HELIX, the new headquarters of POST Luxembourg, and it is his last artistic act.

To coincide with the public exhibition, POST Philately will be issuing an exclusive sheet of stamps in the format, composed of eight stamps representing various paintings from the “IV SEASONS” exhibition. On the exhibition’s first day, philatelists, collectors and stamp enthusiasts will also have the possibility to obtain a cancellation (postal marking) with the philatelic stamp specially designed for this occasion.