Inauguration of "Derrière les chiffres"; Credit: VdL / Photothèque - Natascha Schmit

A new exhibition installed at the Bierger-Center of the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg - VdL) will draw attention to the issue of femicide.

On Thursday 27 January 2022, the VdL College of the Mayor and Aldermen inaugurated the exhibition "Derrière les chiffres" (behind the figures) at the Bierger-Center, in the presence of Isabelle Marchal, Director of Foyer Sichem at Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte. 

The exhibition, designed by Foyer Sichem (a shelter for young mothers and women in distress) on the basis of works by Lyonnais illustrator Fanny Vella, invites the public to discover the black and white portraits of women who have been victims of femicide. The exhibition pays tribute to all those who hide behind the figures of this violence by giving them a first name and an identity, whether through a pose or through the words and thoughts of the people who loved them.

"Because the victims of domestic violence are not just people who hide in a corner of their house, fearing the blows or bowing their backs in front of the malicious words of the person with whom they live, they are also women who go out in a group on Saturday nights, smile, make funny jokes, love the cinema, dance, cook lasagna perfectly or mess up all their pastries, like to decorate their house, are parent representatives, talk loudly, sometimes shout, are messy, are alive. Or were. In any case, they deserve us to remember that behind the figures there are unique people with qualities and even faults that those around them lack”, explained Fanny Vella.

The exhibition will run until 11 February 2022.