"Wenn die Sterne vom Himmel fallen"; Credit: © Sali Muller

Luxembourgish artist Sali Muller’s video installation “Wenn die Sterne vom Himmel fallen” (When the Stars Fall from the Sky) will be on display at Annexe22 in Esch-sur-Alzette from 17 April until 12 June 2021.

In the run-up to Esch-sur-Alzette’s term as European Capital of Culture (Esch2022), several exhibitions are now being held at Annexe22 in the city's Place de la Résistance, also known as “Brillplaz”.

For her video installation, Sali Muller has arranged multiple screens on the floor in a darkened room, seemingly at random. Visitors watch a sky full of stars and, as the artist intended, immerse themselves in their own world of thought. Through the images of the stars, the artist seeks to create a “magical sensual projection landscape” and to encourage the unseen to be revealed through perception and thought. As the screens are installed on the floor, viewers change their perspective (they are not looking up at the sky) and they lose the reference points provided by normal visual cues.

This visual switch allows Sali Muller to draw the visitor’s attention past the surfaces and patterns that reflect the light. Their perception of space is altered by the formation of the colours and stars on the screens. The artist explained: “Viewers might think that they see their own reflection on the screen, but it disappears beyond the stars. This opens up the floor and connects the here with the vision behind it".

“Wenn die Sterne vom Himmel fallen” is a classic example of Sali Muller’s work, which is based on an analytical investigation of visual and perceptual patterns. The Luxembourgish artist explores the role of the individual in relation to their own self and their environment through the use of reflective surfaces, videos, light and sound installations. She does this to encourage the viewer to engage in self-reflection and to show that each individual’s perception is subjective.

Sali Muller, who lives and works in Luxembourg, studied at the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg in France and holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. She has exhibited her work in group shows such as the Regionale at Kunsthaus Baselland in Basel (Switzerland), the Ostrale Biennale (Germany), Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia (Spain) and Galerie Zidoun-Bossuyt and Galerie Nosbaum Reding in Luxembourg City.