Artists Marc Angel and Camille Lazzari with Luxembourg Minister of Culture Sam Tanson; Credit: MCULT

Yesterday marked the inauguration of the "Livre/dessin" exhibition at the Beim Engel Gallery (1 rue de la Loge, L-1945 Luxembourg).

On 7 March 2019, Luxembourg Minister of Culture Sam Tanson inaugurated the "Livre/dessin" exhibition, as part of the INTRO_ exhibition series. Until 27 April 2019, artists Marc Angel and Camille Lazzari will exhibit works centred around the theme of books and drawing, the different approaches taken by artists testifying to the complexity of a seemingly simple subject.

Introduced in 2017 by the Ministry of Culture, the INTRO_ project is part of the policy of support for creation pursued by the Ministry and aims to promote the professionalisation and development of young curators, collectives and organisations engaged in cultural action and creation. Since its launch, some 70 artists have been able to exhibit their work as part of the project.

As part of the INTRO_ project, exhibitions are organised twice a month around a specific theme, artistic style or defined creative method. For its second season, running from June 2018, the INTRO_ project has seen exhibitions on the themes of painting and sculpting. Following the upcoming exhibition on books and drawing, the project will focus on small formats, from May to June 2019.