A new initiative in the English-language drama sphere in Luxembourg has been announced.

On the initiative of Mrs Clare Williams, Drama Teacher at St George's International school, a Shakespeare Schools Festival is being organised for Thursday 12 January 2023 from 18:00 at the Abbaye de Neumünster (28 rue Münster, Luxembourg-Grund).

Students aged between 12-16 years from St George's, ISL and European School Kirchberg have been tasked, under the direction of their respective teachers, to stage a shortened version of a classic Shakespeare play. The initiative has been inspired by the work of the Shakespeare Schools' Foundation in the UK.

The evening will consist of three shows, each featuring two different Shakespeare plays. 

18:00: St George's - Hamlet; ISL - Romeo and Juliet

18:50: ST George's - Romeo and Juliet; ISL - Macbeth

20:00: European School Kirchberg - Julius Caesar; St George's - Macbeth

Kieran Donnelly, an actor from Oxford, England who has many years specialising in working with Shakespeare texts will watch all productions and provide a live feedback session for the performers in school the following day.

Entrance is free but reservations must be made, via https://www.st-georges.lu/cf_eventReg/view.cfm?p=0&eventID=250&regOutputMode=register.  

For further information, see https://www.st-georges.lu/community/news-and-photos/new-stories/~board/secondary-news/post/shakespeare-schools-festival-luxembourg-2023

All donations will go towards 13 Theatre’s 2024 Edinburgh Fringe Festival show fund. The theatre company 13 Theatre was established to help students graduating from St George’s have a helping hand making their way into theatre as an industry. Any student who has trained in Drama or performing arts at St George’s as an alumnus is eligible to audition for a part in a new play created in collaboration with St George’s drama teachers. This play will be premiered in a professional venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is an excellent platform for new work. The work and performance can be reviewed and can become a solid feature of any new actor’s resume as they take their first steps into the world on theatre.