Luxembourg's Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development has confirmed that Luxembourg Crémants have won a total of 16 gold medals at the 29th edition of the Concours National des Crémants de la France et du Luxembourg which took place this year in unusual conditions. 

Due to the current situation, the meeting of the nine regions producing crémants (Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Limoux, Loire, Die, Jura, Savoie and Luxembourg Moselle) was not possible and the large tasting scheduled for the end of April in Beaune had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, the National Federation of Producers and Producers of Crémant proposed a concept adapted to COVID-19.

Tasted and rated by region

The tasting (la grande dégustation), during which representatives of the different regions form a jury and discuss the properties of the crémants, has been replaced this year by a regional jury. More than 80 different crémants were proposed to the jury, made up of winegrowers, oenologists, representatives of HORESCA and journalists. The crémants were tasted blind at five tables in five categories (Blanc Brut, Blanc Brut Millésimé, Rosé Brut, Blanc de Noirs Brut and Special Cuvées).

16 Gold, 8 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals

The popularity of Crémant on the Luxembourg wine market is demonstrated by the fact that 3.5 million bottles of Crémant are now produced annually, compared to 2.1 million bottles in 2010. 

In total, the Crémants de Luxembourg were able to win 16 gold, 8 silver and 2 bronze medals.