Credit: SIP / Emmanuel Claude

The Grand Duchy has sent an economic delegation to the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Led by Luxembourg's Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, the first day of this economic mission (on Sunday) was devoted to discovering the Luxembourg pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Minister Franz Fayot, accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of the Economy as well as the partners and sponsors of the pavilion project, went on a guided tour of the Luxembourg pavilion.

They met with Maggy Nagel, Commissioner General of Luxembourg to Expo 2020 Dubai, who stated: “Luxembourg's presence at this first universal exhibition organised in the Middle East is an excellent opportunity to make Luxembourg, its values ​​and its achievements better known. The modernity, technicality and originality of our pavilion reflect Luxembourg's ability to reinvent itself".

During their visit, the delegation explored an exhibition presenting the Grand Duchy under the five categories of diversity, connectivity, sustainability, entrepreneurship and beauty. The exhibition provides general information on the country, but also on the different sectors of its economy, with a section devoted to the development of the space sector.

A press conference organised inside the pavilion saw members of the economic interest group (groupement d'intérêt économique - GIE) provide an update on the implementation of the project, the expected results of participation in the Universal Expo and the key role of the project's partners (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, POST Luxembourg and SES) and sponsors (ArcelorMittal, Cargolux, RAK, Guardian Glass, MCM Luxembourg and Schroeder Joailliers).

"I would like to salute the professionalism of the GIE Luxembourg @ Expo 2020 Dubai team which has succeeded in best managing the difficulties and unforeseen events following the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of the Expo", commented Economy Minister Franz Fayot. "Luxembourg's presence at Expo 2020 Dubai was the subject of close collaboration with the private sector throughout the planning and implementation phase. The result is an emblematic pavilion that reflects our country's desire to move forward by focusing on sustainable growth, while respecting natural resources".

“Faithful to its mission of promoting Luxembourg companies internationally, the Chamber of Commerce has set up an ambitious economic program offering high visibility to various key sectors of our economy", added Carlo Thelen, Director General of Luxembourg's Chamber of Commerce. "Having initiated the participation of the Grand Duchy in the first Universal Exhibition in London more than 170 years ago, the Chamber of Commerce has noted a strong resonance with companies developing internationally over the years". 

Claude Strasser, CEO of POST Luxembourg, noted: “As an expert in the field of digitalisation, POST Luxembourg is particularly proud to take part in the efforts of the government to pave the way towards a digital economy and to represent the know-how of the Grand Duchy in this area". 

“Luxembourg's participation in the Universal Exhibition comes at a pivotal moment when the world is accelerating the adoption of digital tools and artificial intelligence, and is acquiring pioneering quantum networks and technologies. In this regard, Luxembourg has a lot to offer the world and can help accelerate this development”, added Steve Collar, CEO of SES. 

On Sunday afternoon, the delegation visited the pavilions of other countries at Expo 2020 Dubai, notably the Emirati, Japanese and Canadian pavilions. Indeed, Japan will host the next Universal Exhibition in 2025, organised in Osaka, in which Luxembourg has already officially confirmed its participation.