Credit: Jazmin Campbell

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly advised that Luxembourg nationals currently abroad return to the Grand Duchy as soon as possible.

In a statement released on Monday, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs asked that all Luxembourg nationals who are abroad at present to "urgently assess the possibilities of returning to Luxembourg".

The ministry recalled that returning to Luxembourg may soon no longer be possible in the short-term as more and more countries introduce traffic restrictions, thus resulting in less availability of transport means for repatriation.

In addition, an increasing number of European countries have recently imposed (or are considering imposing) stricter border controls. 

Update: The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has recommended that Luxembourg nationals and residents currently travelling abroad, in particular those outside the Schengen area, and depending on their particular situation, check with their travel agency and / or airline regarding the availability of return flights to Europe and Luxembourg. If necessary, those concerned should contact the Luxembourg Embassy accredited in the country in question or with the ministry itself  (see or the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs itself (see

Borders remain open for Luxembourg nationals and residents returning to their place of residence in the Grand Duchy.