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The Whitsun and summer holidays are fast-approaching and many of you will be hitting the road to get away. The ACL has put together a pre-holiday checklist to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

  • Is my vehicle in good condition before I set off on holiday?

It is never too early to have your vehicle checked for safety before you set off on holiday, and the ACL Diagnostic Center offers the Test vacances (“Holiday test”) with precisely this in mind. This inspection covers all aspects of your car that might be at risk, such as the battery, the condition of the tyres, the suspension and the fluid levels.

We recommend having the test carried out three to four weeks ahead of your departure to give yourself enough time for any repairs that may need doing before you leave. The ACL Diagnostic Center does not carry out repairs; it simply performs an independent and impartial safety inspection of the vehicle. This gives drivers full control over the costs of improving the condition and safety of their vehicle.

The services offered by the ACL Diagnostic Center are available to everyone and ACL members benefit from particularly attractive discounts.

Please contact ACL by phone on (+352) 450045-6007 or by email at to make an appointment.

  • What if my car can't make the trip? Where can I hire a car?

Here at the ACL, we strongly advise that you have your car checked before you leave or book a hire car now. At the moment, ACL Clubmobil still has vehicles available in Luxembourg and abroad, but this could change at any time. It is also worth noting that ACL members can cancel their reservations free of charge.

ACL Clubmobil has two rental offices in Luxembourg:

  • Bertrange: 54 Route de Longwy, L-8080 Bertrange; tel.: (+352) 450045-6100
  • Nordstad: 34 Rue d’Ettelbruck, L- 9160 Ingeldorf; tel.: (+352) 450045-2


  • I’m driving to Italy and need an electronic toll badge

Electronic toll badges (Bip&Go) for France, Spain, Portugal and Italy are available from our offices in Bertrange and Ingeldorf, along with motorway passes (“vignettes”) for Switzerland and Austria. We also encourage holidaymakers to ask our experts about the environmental areas in place in major European cities.

  • Can I benefit from ACL assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown during my holiday?

Don't forget to make sure you have renewed your European membership card with the ACL so that you are covered in the event of a breakdown. Whatever your mode of travel, even if you are in a motorhome, the ACL will respond to your call for assistance.

While we are always there to assist our members in times of distress, you might as well try and avoid a breakdown in the first place, along with the inconvenience and wasted holiday time that comes with it. We all look forward to our holidays, so let's make sure they start well and end well, too!

For further information, please contact ACL: / or (+352) 450045-1