KUF; Credit: copyright MAX PAROVSKY

Chronicle.lu, as Media Partner, in association with COOPERATIONS.LU and cultural centre Prabbeli in Wiltz, is offering 2 pairs of FREE tickets to the first of the new Brandbau Sessions that is taking place on Saturday 3 March 2018 at Brandbau in Wiltz. Please see below on how to enter.

The cultural centre Prabbeli in Wiltz will be hosting a new concert series entitled "Brandbau Sessions" on the first Saturday of every month at Brandbau, the new event hall in the town; the series will include concerts with national and international bands and DJs.

The first concert in the new series is being held on Saturday 3 March 2018 at 20:00, featuring KUF from Berlin with Cosmokramer from Luxembourg opening the event.

Tickets cost €12 (U26 €6)

KUF (DE) combines dirty funk and pumping R&B with grooves: club-centered, breathtakingly interactive. What is unique is that their music is based on vocals, although it does not need a vocalist and only operates with self-recorded samples.

Support Act: Cosmokramer (LU), the new project by Olivier Treinen and Yves Stephany.

To apply for your FREE tickets to the Brandbau Sessions on Saturday 3 March 2018, please enter below (requires registration & log-in) and state your mobile telephone number. The draw will be made at 13:00 on Tuesday 27 February. Winners will be contacted directly. Winning tickets will be available at the venue on the day.​