Jason Li, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications Department, Western Europe, Huawei Technologies;

From air pollution to waste management and global warming, the world is experiencing environmental degradation in many ways; technology is key to responding to the environmental crisis that we are facing: the European Commission has responded to these challenges by presenting a long-term strategy - under the umbrella of the European Green Deal, several initiatives will be aimed at tackling threats to our environment. Huawei fully supports this approach and we believe that we can be an important partner in meeting these challenges.

The Green Deal is a key opportunity for Europe towards innovation and economic progress. As Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said after the adoption of the initiative by the College of Commissioners: “Our goal is to reconcile the economy with our planet, to reconcile the way we produce and the way we consume with our planet and to make it work for our people. The European Green Deal is on the one hand about cutting emissions, but on the other hand it is about creating jobs and boosting innovation.

Huawei fully supports the rationale behind the Green Deal. Setting ambitious climate goals (55% reduction by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050) and laying out a roadmap will serve as a trigger for innovation in key sectors like energy, transportation and industry.

Our vision is to bring digital to every person, home, and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world. We are committed to help address global environmental issues and pledge to work with European partners, using technology to create a green world and accomplish the European Commission’s goals.

All stakeholders shaping a sustainable future together will be key

We remain committed to sustainable development – both regarding our own company as well as incentivising our partners to do the same. Environmental protection and digitisation need to be a prime consideration when designing, constructing and managing business. Eco-design needs to be integrated into all aspects of our industry in order to reduce energy use: from construction materials, lighting and ventilation, the use of green materials, increased product durability and optimised product recycling. The Green Deal initiative and its cross-sector roadmap will incentivise implementation.

Environmental protection is already one of our four corporate sustainability strategies. We have committed to a 16% carbon emission reduction per unit of sales by 2025 and multiplying the energy efficiency of our main products by 2.7 (both targets compared to 2019). Our company remains committed to working with all stakeholders in Europe, from governments, policymakers, industry, research institutions to students and talents. We are ready to contribute our share to making the Green Deal reality in a digitised, fully intelligent world.

It is important to understand that the Green Deal is not a threat, but a major opportunity for businesses (smart energy grids, industry 4.0 and smart agriculture are rapidly growing markets, for example). The Green Deal covers all economic sectors and will, in the medium and long term, have effects on all levels: European, member states and local.

Europe needs to embrace digitisation and environmental transformation at the same time

Digital technologies are critical enablers for achieving the sustainability goals of the Green Deal. Goals can only be met by ensuring a full rollout of digital solutions and ICT into all sectors of the economy. Businesses and other stakeholders need to step up innovation and embrace digitisation in order to be able to benefit from the initiative and the transformative force it generates.

EU Council President Charles Michel has strongly emphasised this in July 2020: “More than ever, we need this double project of major transformation for Europe: climate neutrality by 2050 – our Green Deal – and the digital transition, destined to put Europe at the forefront of using data, the natural resource of the digital world.”

Huawei fully supports this view and urge all stakeholders to work together with the European Leadership and EU member states to realise the goal of the European Green Deal.