The fourth edition of the "Éisleker Schofsfest", a festival dedicated to sheep from the Ardennes region in northern Luxembourg, will be taking place on Sunday 15 September 2019 from 10:00 to 18:00 at Cornelyshaff in Heinerscheid, a small town in the municipality of Clervaux.

The festival will highlight the know-how of local sheep breeders and the many artisans who work with wool, while offering demonstrations and workshops for all ages.

Like the last three editions, the sheep festival will bring together local and regional producers, companies and artisans who will display the full range of products made from sheep's wool, milk and meat. The sheep breeders will also present different breeds of sheep and will explain the profession of breeders as well as the work of sheepdogs, whilst specialists demonstrate the different kinds of wool and stages of their transformation.

Locally produced sheep meat dishes will also be cooked on site.

This event is organised by the Association Luxembourgeoise des Bergers (Luxembourgish Association of Shepherds) in collaboration with the Our Nature Park, Tourist Center Clervaux and the Fanfare Ste Cécile Heinerscheid. Through the INTERREG DEFI-Laine wool project, the event is also open to exhibitors and visitors from the Greater Region.

Venue: Cornelyshaff (83 Haaptstrooss, 9753 Heinerscheid)

Organiser: Luxembourgeoise des Bergers (Luxembourgish Association of Shepherds)

Price: n/a

Reservations: n/a