The Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LPEA) will host a GP Workshop on 24 April 2019, from 1200-1400.

The LPEA has organised a series of GP workshops centred around the anti-tax avoidance directives (ATAD/ATAD 2) as well as other tax developments and their impact on private equity investments. This workshop, entitled "Analysing the Impact of the new Interest Limitation Rules on Private Equity Investments", will focus on analysing the impact of the new interest limitation rules on private equity investments and will include concrete examples and a Q&A session.

Registration is open to members only and required at https//

Venue: ATOZ Tax Advisors Luxembourg (1 B Heienhaff - Aerogolf Center 1736 Senningerberg)

Organiser: LPEA

Price: Free