The European Consumer Centre Luxembourg, the European Parliament Liaison Office in Luxembourg and the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg are organising a "Midi du consommateur européen" (European consumer lunch) at Foyer Européen in Luxembourg-Gare on Wednesday 17 July 2024, from 12:30 to 13:30.

With the summer holidays approaching, some people may be planning to explore Europe. However, not everything always goes as planned and, in such situations, it can be beneficial to know one's consumer rights as a traveller in the European Union.

What are travellers' rights if their flight is delayed or even cancelled? Is the car rental company charging unexpected extra fees? Luggage has not arrived or is lost? The price of a booked cruise soared after booking? Reserved hotel room not available upon arrival? Train experiencing significant delays? Wondering what multimodal travel actually means?

To answer these and other questions, a team of lawyers from the European Consumer Centre Luxembourg and the national authority responsible for the application of air passenger rights will gather at Foyer Européen for a presentation (in French), followed by questions (which may be asked in German, English, French or Luxembourgish).

The event is free of charge but registration is required via email: or via tel.: 268-464-1.

Drinks and sandwiches will be offered to participants. Moderation will be provided by Karin Basenach, Director of the European Consumer Centre Luxembourg.

This event forms part of a conference series organised by the European Parliament Liaison Office in Luxembourg, the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg and the European Consumer Centre Luxembourg.

Venue: Foyer Européen (10 Rue Heinrich Heine, L-1729 Luxembourg)

Organiser: European Consumer Centre Luxembourg; European Parliament Liaison Office in Luxembourg; Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg

Price: Free

Reservations: See above