The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the science section at the Institut Grand-Ducal have announced that a cycle of conferences are set to take place on various days in May and June at the Forum da Vinci (6 Bvd Grand Duchess Charlotte) in Luxembourg-Ville, from 18:30 to 19:30.

Each conference is open to the general public and will be followed by a reception.

Natural resources are facing a climate emergency. Floods and droughts are among the most devastating natural disasters on a global scale today. With global warming, the impact of these extreme events is likely to get worse over time, LIST and the Institut Grand-Ducal’s science section stressed.

A long series of hydro-meteorological observations are key elements for diagnosing any potential manifestation of climate change – providing essential benchmarks for determining the effects and issues linked to climate change, the organisers noted.

In Luxembourg, hydro-meteorological observations have been carried out since the first half of the 19th century. With a cycle of six conferences, the organisers aim to retrace the history of local hydro-meteorological measurements (from their 1854 beginnings until today) and shed light on climate change and its effects in Luxembourg. The cycle will notably address in more detail extreme events (droughts and floods), the impact of climate change on the Grand Duchy’s environment (forests, agricultural crops and vineyards, biodiversity), as well as adaptation and mitigation measures to be implemented in the face of climate change.


• 30 May – Climate change: droughts and floods;
• 6 June  – Climate change and forestry;
• 11 June – Climate change and agriculture/viticulture;
• 18 June – Climate change and biodiversity;
• 27 June – Climate change: adaptation and mitigation measures,

Registration is not required.





Venue: Forum da Vinci (6 Bvd Grand Duchess Charlotte, Luxembourg-Ville)

Organiser: LIST & Institut Grand-Ducal

Price: N/a

Reservations: N/a