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Luxembourg's Economic Committee has confirmed that it granted requests for short-time work for 13,201 employees for the month of August 2021.

The Economic Committee met on Wednesday 22 July 2021 under the co-chairmanship of the Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Dan Kersch, and the Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot.

During this meeting, the committee processed seventee requests for short-time work for cases of force majeure due to the recent flooding; thirteen requests were granted.

The deadline for submitting such a request for this month is 31 July 2021 inclusive. Requests for the months of August and September 2021 for companies still affected can be submitted between 2 and 20 August 2021 via the online assistant on the MyGuichet platform. Claims made by damaged companies whose insurance covers working hours lost due to flooding are not eligible to benefit from the short-time work scheme in the event of force majeure for floods.

In July 2021, 1,426 companies (compared to 1,769 last month) applied for short-time work in order to benefit for the month of August from the legal provisions provided for in the Labour Code. The Economic Committee granted 1,424 such requests (compared to 1,765 last month); the final decision on the allocation of this support rests with Luxembourg's Government Council.

The granted requests for the month of August concern 13,201 full-time employees, down from 17,144 employees the previous month.

In addition, the Economic Committee assessed the economic, financial and social situation of twelve companies wishing to implement a job retention or recovery plan.

It also granted three requests (concerning 37 people) for tax exemption from voluntary severance pay, as well as one request in relation to the legal provisions on early retirement-adjustment.