The House of Entrepreneurship of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce has announced that it is launching a platform to connect businesses in need of manpower with people who are on unemployment, partially unemployed or self-employed and looking for work.

Based on an idea developed by the Luxembourg Trade Confederation in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of the Economy and ADEM, the JobSwitch platform is a tool specially designed to facilitate the implementation of solidarity behaviour during the current crisis. It aims to facilitate and accelerate the use of available manpower during the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The impact of the pandemic differs from one sector to another. While some businesses, including most shops, construction companies and the hospitality sector, among others, are being forced to close their establishments or drastically reduce their activity, others, particularly grocery stores and the logistics sector, have been overwhelmed by demand, while at the same time facing personnel difficulties linked to quarantine measures or the need to provide childcare.

JobSwitch thus provides a response to these situations by facilitating the possibility of lending personnel between companies and for the unemployed, partially unemployed or self-employed, who are potentially interested in supplementing their income with this scheme, to submit applications. The Chamber of Commerce has described the platform as "a winning initiative" for companies and staff who use this opportunity and thus enable the operation of services that are essential to society, such as the transport of essential goods and the supply of grocery stores.

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