File photo; Credit: ©Brachtenbach Marco/ FAE

The Ettelbruck Agricultural Fair (Foire Agricole d’Ettelbruck - FAE) is Luxembourg’s largest open-air agricultural fair; its 2024 edition is scheduled from Friday 5 July to Sunday 7 July 2024 at the Centre d’exposition Deich, in Ettelbruck.​

It is a key event showcasing the country's agricultural sector. Held annually in Ettelbruck, this fair features a wide range of exhibitors, including farmers, foresters, horticulturists and businesses involved in agro- and biotechnology. The Foire Agricole highlights local products and promotes consumer awareness of regional specialties.

In addition to agricultural displays, the fair offers many different activities for visitors, such as equestrian shows, children's workshops and a diverse programme. There are also numerous food stalls and dining options available on-site. The fair is an essential meeting point for professionals and the public, facilitating knowledge exchange and showcasing innovations in the agricultural sector​. Ahead of this year’s new edition of this key event, reached out to the organisers to find out more about what is new this year.

Highlights include the International Grassland Days (IGLT), marking 30 years of "Produit du terroir - Lëtzebuerger Rëndfleesch" (local Luxembourgish beef), and celebrating the 130 anniversary of Luxlait. The fair will also feature a presentation of the Luxembourg Urban Garden (LUGA), set to take place in 2025. Visitors will be able to enjoy competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations and shows featuring horses, as well as cattle breeding presentations and competitions in the CONVIS tents​​.

The first agricultural exhibition in Luxembourg was opened in the presence of King Wilhelm III of the Netherlands and Queen Emma of the Netherlands on 18 July 1881. They were attending the exhibition as part of their state visit to Luxembourg, which was part of the larger context of international agricultural and industrial exhibitions of the time. Last year, the FAE celebrated its 40th anniversary in its current form. The organisers confirmed that the FAE is the biggest antigaspi (anti-waste) event in Luxemburg.

The FAE had 45,698 visitors in 2023, and the organisers noted they are expecting around 45,000 visitors again this year.

When asked how the FAE is addressing current challenges in agriculture (such as sustainability, climate change and technological advancements), Anne Dirkse, a representative of the agricultural fair, said: The FAE has become an unmissable meeting place for all professionals from the green sector (farmers, foresters, gardeners, etc.), the trade and scientific research in the field of agriculture/biotechnology. Special emphasis is placed on the presentation of Luxembourgish products and the sensitisation of consumers to agriculture in general.”