The University of Luxembourg has announced that the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) is organising an Open Day at the Robert Schuman House (Maison Schuman) in Luxembourg-Clausen on Thursday 9 May 2024, on the occasion of Europe Day.

The Robert Schuman House currently serves as a living memorial of European history and hosts the academic activity of the Robert Schuman Institute for European Affairs. As reported by the university, it serves to educate, inform and raise awareness of European integration and current affairs.

The Open Day will take place from 14:00 to 19:00 this Europe Day - a public holiday in Luxembourg - at Maison Schuman (4 Rue Jules Wilhelm, L-2728 Luxembourg).

On the agenda this Europe Day are activities for younger visitors (enigma game, interactive documentaries), an exhibition, guided tours (if the weather permits) and discovery of the past through QR code media discovery. More information is available online at

Those looking to delve deeper into European history, education and communication are invited to attend the Forum Z at 15:30, dedicated to "Elargir l’histoire européenne". Further details at