(L-R) Jacob Fearnley (UK) and Jonas Forejtek (Czech Republic); Credit: FLT via Facebook

Over the weekend, Jacob Fearnley and Alex Rybakov secured the men’s double title at the ITF M25 (part of the Luxembourg Open), after which the former also won the singles title at the Centre National de Tennis (CNT) in Esch-sur-Alzette.

22-year-olds Jacob Fearnley (UK) and Jonas Forejtek (Czech Republic) qualified for the singles final, which was then played on the afternoon of Sunday 7 January 2024. The qualification for the women's tournament also started on Sunday morning and will continue this week.

After his victory in the doubles alongside Alex Rybakov, Jacob Fearnley also won the singles. The British player prevailed on Sunday in the final with 6:4, 6:4 against Czech opponent Jonas Forejtek. According to the ATP tour website, Jacob Fearnley’s Singles career ranking as of 27 November 2023 was 630; his Doubles ranking was 264.

One day earlier, on Saturday 6 January 2024, Jacob Fearnley and 26-year-old Alex Rybakov (United States) won the doubles final with a 6:3, 6:3 victory against the duo Raphael Calzi (Luxembourg) and Amaury Raynel (France).

Earlier in the weekend, on Friday 5 January 2024, 26-year-old Raphael Calzi and his French partner, 21-year-old Amaury Raynel, had qualified for the doubles final. They defeated Clement Chidekh and Luca Sanchez with 6:2 and 7:6.

The competition was an ITF M25 ($25,000 prize money) for men and took place at the CNT from Sunday 31 December 2023 to Sunday 7 January 2024. The women’s event is an ITF W15 ($15,000 prize money) and will run from Sunday 7 to Sunday 14 January 2024.