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The Accident Insurance Association (AAA) in Luxembourg has published its annual report for the year 2022; this document aims to provide an overview of the operation, missions, activities, statistics as well as AAA's financial results to all stakeholders.

The 2022 edition of this report is available on its website

In 2022, 17,163 accidents were filed, eleven of which were fatal. Among the recognised accidents, 13,868 were work accidents, 3,095 commuting accidents and 200 occupational illnesses. The number of workers increased significantly to reach 488,118 (18,952 more than in 2021), while the number of companies only changed slightly to reach 31,527 units. On average, the AAA received 120 reports per day and the average cost of an accident in 2022 was €4,503.

The economic recovery that began in 2021 reportedly continued in 2022 with the lifting of health measures. There was a slight increase in the number of recognised accidents of 623 cases compared to 2021. However, statistics show that the figures are still much lower than those of 2019 (last year of statistics not impacted by the pandemic). According to the AAA, the increase in commuting accidents as well as the drop in occupational illnesses are a direct consequence of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the field of prevention, the new phase of the VISION ZERO national strategy and its new objectives for 2023-2030 were presented during the Occupational Safety and Health (sécurité-santé au travail - SST) Forum on 26 October 2022. This strategy, supported by the Grand Duchy’s government, aims to deploy particular efforts in risk sectors. During the official session of the Forum, the winners of the 2022 SST prize were rewarded.

The Accident Insurance Association, one of the initiators of the national strategy for the prevention of work accidents, commuting accidents and occupational diseases called VISION ZERO, presented the new wave of the cross-media campaign “A travel accident can be...AVOIDED!”. The initial campaign was launched in September 2021 and focused on workplace accidents and poorly adapted work stations.

The campaign’s concept consisted in listing the possible consequences of a travel accident, whether on the way to work or during business trips. The posters set out the objective of the VISION ZERO strategy: “A travel accident can be avoided, thanks to a culture of prevention”. The campaign is currently broadcast on road signs, screens in trams, on the back of buses, on the radio, on various websites as well as on social networks.

On 15 May 2024, the AAA and other key players will organise the seventeenth edition of the Occupational Safety and Health Forum 2024 at Luxexpo The Box. On this occasion, the winners of the SST 2024 prize will also receive rewards.

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