Following the growth of esports and gaming in Luxembourg over the past five years, a number of people have come together and created the Fédération Luxembourgeoise de l'Esport (FLES) in March; the federation has now announced three partnerships which aim at strengthening esports and gaming across the Grand Duchy.

The six players from various associations who have actively participated in the development of esport and gaming in Luxembourg and who formed the federation are: Jeremy Chiampan, President, Project Manager of LGX; Liz Meyers, Vice President, Nocturnal Esports Asbl; Nathan Back, treasurer, Asbl; Noah Canais, secretary, Rift Entertainment Asbl; Thommy Meyer, member, SweetSpot Asbl; Max de Ridder, member, Outplay Esports Asbl.

The FLES aims to bring together, actively promote esport and unite all players in the sector (players, teams, associations, tournament organisers and promoters). It also aims to support the organisation of national championships together with the federation's full members, to provide any interested public with information on electronic sports, existing structures or competitions and to be a representative contact with the public authorities on all questions concerning esport and gaming in Luxembourg.

Three partnerships:

- POST Luxembourg becomes the federation's Main Partner. This makes sense since POST has been one of the pillars of the Greater Region in Esport since 2020, with the organisation of the POST Esports Masters for 2 seasons.

- 11F Media becomes Media Partner. Being the leaders in communication around gaming and esports on Luxembourg social networks, this partnership that will allow the federation to reach out to all gamers in the country.

- LGX Arena. The series of tournaments made in Luxembourg, which allows players from the country to compete in various games around the world will have the federation's support and will be a big plus for the FLES. 

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