Director Julie Corbeil; Credit: Julie Corbeil

The CAPE cultural centre in Ettelbruck will be screening Julie Corbeil's documentary about Mexico City on Tuesday 3 December 2019 at 20:00.

As part of the CAPE "Exploration of the World" documentary series, the Luxembourg public will have the opportunity to discover Mexico City on the big screen next month. In her documentary, Julie Corbeil offers profound insight into the culture of this South American capital, which is densely populated by more than 22 million inhabitants and has been shining for nearly 600 years thanks to a rich cultural mix and offering a fascinating urban adventure, tinged by its pre-Hispanic roots.

The screening will be accompanied by a conference by Julie Corbeil. A television director for more than a decade, Julie Corbeil chose Mexico City as the subject of her fifth film. Born in Montreal, she discovered an interest in traveling when she tasted an artisanal goat cheese in the south of France during a stay as a student. From then on, she decided that her eyes and taste buds would venture into all parts of the world in search of encounters and flavours. She speaks Spanish and has immersed herself in studies on Latin American culture. Throughout her career, Julie Corbeil has shared her travels in India, Morocco, Japan, Guatemala and Mexico with the public.

As well as Mexico, CAPE's "Exploration of the World" 2019-20 series presents Ladakh Zanskar, Iceland, South Korea, Corsica and Australia. The series aims to captivate audiences with impressive images and live commentaries from the documentary directors, so they may discover far-away lands on the big screen.

Tickets cost €16, €8 for under-26s or €1.50 with a Kulturpass and can be purchased directly from CAPE via tel.: 268-12681 or email: See also: