Sorting Centre in Bettembourg; Credit: POST Luxembourg

POST Luxembourg has recorded a strong increase in the volume of packages; over the past two weeks, there has been a 22% increase compared to last year.

POST has described the current situation, with some 125,000 packages per week, as comparable to the Christmas period. For the past two weeks, this represents a 22% increase over the previous year and the forecast for next week is a 28% increase.

In order to respond to this strong increase in the volume of packages, Michel Greco S.A.'s delivery drivers and POST Luxembourg's postal carriers have all been mobilised. POST is closely monitoring the availability of its staff and has reallocated staff by integrating other POST employees who have volunteered to support the Sorting Centre teams, among others.

Since a large part of the population is confined to their homes, most packages are delivered the first time they arrive at the recipient's home. When this first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the delivery persons come back a second time the next day, in order to limit customer trips to POST collection points.

The period for keeping packages in post offices has been increased from 14 to 30 days. When the package is not picked up, a final delivery attempt will take place at the recipient's home.

Over 80,000 customers have opted for the PackUp service, which allows them to collect their parcels at 24-hour PackUp stations and PackUp points. Over 10,000 customers have subscribed to the PackUp Home service, which allows them to define a location around their home where POST can drop off the parcel. The PackUp Import service, which allows customers to receive packages even if the seller does not offer delivery to Luxembourg, is still working from Germany but is no longer guaranteed from France (not since 18 March) due to confinement. Registrations for the PackUp service which are done online on the site are also on the rise.

Packages for businesses and restaurants that are closed at this time due to containment are stored and will be delivered again when this is lifted.

With more than 1,000 orders registered in five days on, the logistics centre set up by POST within three days at the request of the government to allow storage, preparation of orders and delivery of foodstuffs for the elderly or vulnerable, is running at full speed. POST has also moved staff to this site and called in volunteers from within the company to meet the demand. Deliveries are provided by drivers from Michel Greco S.A.

Claude Strasser, Director General of POST Luxembourg, commented: “Our employees who work every day in the field show solidarity to guarantee the continuity of our services and contribute to ensuring that the confinement of the population takes place in the best possible way. Through their commitment, they show a great civic sense and I warmly thank them".

As a reminder, postal and telecommunications services as well as payment systems have been recognized as "essential activities for the maintenance of vital interests of the population and the country" by the Grand Ducal Regulation of 18 March 2020 introducing a series of measures in the fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus). Consequently, POST services continue to operate for customers in all three areas: telecom, postal and banking (CCP).