Credit: Otilia Dragan/

On the evening of Friday 22 March 2024, Canadian indie rock band Mother Mother held a concert at den Atelier in Luxembourg-Gare.

The band consists of Ryan Guldemond on guitar and vocals, his sister Molly Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin on vocals and keyboard, Ali Siadat on drums and Mike Young on bass.

The support band included the Irish singer Moncrieff, whose soulful songs and warm energy prepared the audience for the main act with a lot of clapping and singing along.

Mother Mother was founded in 2005 but had their viral moment in 2020 when songs from their 2008 album O My Heart spread on TikTok. One song in particular, namely "Hayloft", stood out.

The band revisited many fan favourites on the evening, including the playful and catchy "Arms tonite", "Hayloft", "The Matrix", the haunting and delicate "Ghosting" and a number of hits from their ninth and latest album, Grief Chapter, including the highly energetic and danceable "Explode!".

The band's lyrics are introspective and poetic, sometimes provocative or dreamy, other times heartwrenching. Their presence on stage, was open, friendly and uplifting - the lead singer emphasised that everyone was welcome to be themselves at the show and love freely in their own way. He also expressed his gratitude for the audience's support and encouraged listeners to follow their dreams and not listen to those trying to put them down. Mother Mother, known for their deep connection with their fans, is living proof that a dream can work out, though Ryan Guldemond stressed that it took the band fifteen years to become well-known enough to tour the world and come to places such as Luxembourg. He also added it was the band's second appearance in the Grand Duchy and that they are hoping to return.

High energy through and through, Mother Mother's songs tackle difficult subjects - death, pain, isolation, fear and self-loathing - but they also spread caring, heartfelt messages to the audience. The nearly full Atelier hall stomped and clapped along, danced and sang along all evening until shortly before midnight.