Toxic Twins, a cover band from Ireland, are currently on a tour of Luxembourg from Wednesday until Sunday, during which time they are performing a total of five concerts.

On Wednesday evening they performed a short meet-and-greet concert at the Café A Bau in Heffingen. This is being followed by further concerts, as follows:

- Thu 18 Aug @ 20:00 @ Camping Nommerlayen in Nommern (near Mersch)
- Fri 19 Aug @ 19:00 @ Hotel Victor Hugo in Vianden
- Sat 20 Aug @ 20:00 @ Heffingen
- Sun 21 August @ 15:00 @ Brasserie Bloeneck in Stegen (near Diekirch)

The band covers American country, reggae, soul, blues, rock, pop and indie...

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