Scottish alt-rockers The Jesus And Mary Chain will be presenting their album "Darklands" live at den Atelier in Luxembourg-Hollerich on Sunday 21 November 2021; doors open at 19:00.

Still startling, still compelling and still fighting, The Jesus and Mary Chain are a force of nature and perhaps one of pop’s last enigmas. Like the punks who inspired them, they remain the "misfits" of the music world and while their name might have been synonymous with chaos during the 1980s, they were and will always be, as Jim Reid famously deadpanned, "the best".

It has been 35 years since brothers Jim and William Reid first revealed the dark magic they had been conjuring up in their bedroom in East Kilbride, unveiling a mesmerising concoction of white noise and whispered lyrics, Spector rhythms, black leather and shadows. Their arrival would cut through mainstream pop culture like a razor and, as they have proved with their most recent album "Damage And Joy", that blade is as sharp as ever.

Tickets cost €41.70 and are available on den Atelier's website.