On Sunday 17 December 2023, a Christmas carol concert recital took place at the Romanian Orthodox Church "Nativity of the Lord" in Luxembourg-Pfaffenthal.

The concert started after the traditional Sunday mass at noon with a full church, featuring the newly established children’s choir.

Each child took turns introducing themselves with a little tune, singing their name and age before they harmonised in unison to a number of well-known Romanian Christmas carols. Some children were wearing traditional folk clothing or Christmas-themed attire. The choir conductor and music teacher, Dr Adriana Mitu, was wearing a traditional white blouse. This blouse had been hand-sewn by a choir member of the adults‘ church choir.

The latter later sang various lesser-known Christmas songs from different regions of Romania. Dr Adriana Mitu accompanied  the choir on the piano and violin for most of the songs performed. The performance ended with an acapella song from Moldova, using traditional bells.

Later, Dr Adriana Mitu‘s music pupils, mostly children from the ages of six to twelve years, and also some adults, held a recital performing various Christmas carols and songs they had learned on the piano (or violin) over the course of the year. The piano teacher also sang some Christmas carols accompanied by the children on the piano.