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Luxembourg’s Ministry of Education, Children and Youth and the Ministry of Research and Higher Education have announced that registrations are open for three new master's degrees in educational sciences for primary school teachers in Luxembourg.

Adapting schools to the demands of society and enabling the school system to follow the different developments in Luxembourg are among the priorities of educational policy, the ministries noted. In this context, and to allow holders of a higher education degree to prepare for the role of teacher to specialise in a specific field and bring new skills to local schools, the University of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, is launching three new master's level training courses from the 2024/2025 academic year.

The three masters aim to provide skills to respond to several educational challenges, including the competent management of increasingly heterogeneous student populations, the adequate consideration of specific needs and the fight against inequalities in education.

To set up these three new courses, the University of Luxembourg is investing in human resources and recruiting three additional academic positions explicitly dedicated to these courses.

Our schools face considerable challenges, including in the areas of inclusion and school and teaching development. Intended for primary education teachers, the three new master's courses offered at the University of Luxembourg provide a response to the challenges of our society and strengthen our schools, while offering prospects for development to many teachers” affirmed Luxembourg’s Minister for Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch.

Luxembourg’s Minister for Research and Higher Education, Stéphanie Obertin, underlined: “At the research level, the national research and innovation strategy places 21st-century education among the four priority areas of interdisciplinary research to prepare Luxembourg for the future. The establishment of these three new master's degrees is an excellent opportunity to train the talents that teaching needs while making it possible to intensify research around the subjects taught in these three types of master's degrees."

The three master's degrees are aimed at holders of a higher education diploma preparing for the role of teacher (240 ECTS) already working in the Luxembourg school system. Lasting two years, they have a programme of 60 ECTS and are part-time, for those currently employed. The languages of instruction are French, German, Luxembourgish and English. Registrations can be made until 10 July 2024 on the website. An information session for those interested will be held at the Belval campus on 21 May at 16:00.

The Master in Educational Sciences School Management and Development aims to equip teachers with principles and practices of management and development of actors, entities, projects and quality in educational organisations.

The Master of Science in Education Teaching Development aims to equip teachers with principles and practices of classroom innovation, including differentiated instruction, inquiry-based learning, and digital education.

The Master of Science in Education in Inclusive Education and Pedagogical Accessibility aims to equip accomplished generalist teachers with principles and practices of classroom intervention in various scenarios of specific educational needs.