United Instruments of Lucilin; Credit: Alfonso Salgueiro

United Instruments of Lucilin have announced the Lucilin in the City #12: Sounds in space concert, taking place on Thursday 8 February 2024 at 19:30 in the rehearsal room of United Instruments of Lucilin, 14 rue de la Fonderie in Luxembourg-Hollerich.

In “Sounds In space”, saxophonist Olivier Sliepen and percussionist Guy Frisch will immerse listeners in mysterious sound spaces, between “clouds and mists perpetually transforming”, and invite the public to undertake a journey through the imaginary worlds evoked by the pieces of the programme they imagined; juggling between "abstraction and poeticism, strength and fragility, the inherent physical properties of sound itself and its capacities for transcendence". The programme also includes a special commission from composer Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska.

Entry is free, but spaces are limited. Reservations can be made via email at reservation@lucilin.lu.